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Two Poems by Callie Garnett

Other people draw
& I am not involved.
As she speaks, the receptionist
the good-smelling nurse
the softer airport security pat-down
light sweeping sounds
pthalo blue on liquid white ensue.

(from "Bob Ross")

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Five Poems by Lindsay Turner

I was in another state, trying to get things done
there was less than stubble in the field and still something rattled
you think “possibility,” please explain exactly what you mean

(from "Song of Accumulation")

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Four Poems by Dan Beachy Quick

Once, I was a child. When did that horizon

Preface history by saying the center wanders?

Once, I was a child; I built a little boat.

By saying center, it wanders, it wanders—

Blown by breath caught in a sail, toy breath,

Toy sail, out into the unbreathable reach

The center goes, goes wandering, toy boat.


(from "Middle Ages")

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Four Poems by Brian Blanchfield

Him I found in the dative case
thrown concussive on the very air, west expectancy:
he said I sat close enough to notice if I wanted
his black eyes burgeon at cruising altitude
and before descent he could, he believed, if I wanted,
taste it rocking back,
like dialing a memory.

(from "Nurse Mustn't Rummage")

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Two Poems by Margaret Ross

I thought if there were no space left us
           then. Turn totheright
           tasks to put off dwelling. How many
land on a limb, is the forecast true. You draw

the sheets, white notes across
           a promissory silence. Our habits
           tender, blinds dye
the sky beige, salt grating hot

up the back of my throat. Though if we let
           the pretense drop, we need to
           talk about and go. [...]

(from "Futures Exchange")

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"Siren Test" by Robyn Schiff

Crisis in absence, practice howl tuning
its force, that old story
dragging a moralizing
wolf out of the matrix. Called
to the porch to picture the mouth. Every first
Wednesday of the month, if it’s clear.
Why would you stop yourself? Who are you talking to?
Get back in the house. Where are you?
Pack counts off. [...]

(from "Siren Text")

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