Four Poems by Jerimee Bloemeke

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To stay total,

Erase the unseen

View no light

Gets rid of

Until the glove

Tows its fingers

Over the switch

To sop up

The itinerant result

Without stopping it.

To see droplets

Collect on glass,

I turn on

The hallway light.

I can see

Today isn’t applicable.

I look out

There and I’m

In which when

I didn’t want

To look out

The courtyard window

I didn’t like

That much until

A couple years

Ago when I

Became very depressed.

Yes I know.

Renewable to whomever

Asks to see

Surpluses as they

Now become debris

Tomorrow has connected,

I select pieces

And negate them.

If I’m patient,

Tomorrow extends more

Various pale skins

In comparison to

The luscious pinks.

Practicing my inhalation,

I make comments

No one returns.

I fall into

The silence like

It fell into

Me on purpose.

Like a corpse’s

The force majeure,

I eavesdrop on

This graphic world,

A newly committed

Pigment admittedly culled

From prior shade.

This simple interaction

Befitting my stance

Betrays my comfort.



The aspect of all life beyond the borders of afforded calm


Please accept this magnetic photo frame, which is our gift to you,


Is the ability to nourish humanity, many foreheads and cheeks appearing


Watchful, and knowledgeable, gateways of redundant extra even


Extra is usually intrinsically redundant…that with which objects are positioned remains


Their limits, inactivity caught off guard within the contexts of each variable


Reaffirms the little sleeping happiness. Molecules are only


Microfiber, meanwhile, is not only soft…




Goals and standards got set. An experience was in progress, preferred customers


As they opened flat doors and then closed them slowly and softly and


To step one-by-one down the steps so as to not wake the shut-ins


Favored buyers unable to differentiate between the bizarre and the non-so


A parking lot account of the sidewalk and its black plural gum drifts over an uncaring environment.


Innocence at our every whim is like power––and it was power––over the tenets


Fancy living, suspended bouquets of awareness at the crack


Each dawn, each a small-scale smile, each a continually abject failure.




What approximate resemblance when the eyes are closed at the end of a week


Us unsure of who we were, renders us piecemeal, original copy for the sake of regret.


Nor its margins consume us, then. We find zero consolation prizes in love, that


Is legitimate again, and the punishment method is an obvious attempt


Disarm you.



Just what is it that we want to do?


We want to sustain the essential tremor.


Overwhelmed with friends triumphing over silence in life with devices.


Resembling movement silent in nature.


We open the window to the tediously curated lighting.


Sunsets superimposed over the real one.


Viewing the development and modification of a sunset.


In the country, a sunset can be thrown away with impunity.


But in a nocturnal city, a sunset is a cherished moment.


Yesterday was completely silent.


Today is such variety and rivalry.


Purity no longer arouses any feeling.


We’d sought the most complicated successions of variety, but we were unsatisfied.


Modified by life, modified by sunsets.


We demanded an emotional abundance.


But we were too limited in our variety.


Going round this small circle.


Struggling in vain to create new ranges.


Further inferiors trusting privacy.


And silence where the word ‘comfort’ stands.


Our limited circle must be broken.


By and by…by and by…


Our infinite variety must be conquered.


We carry like a virus exhausted sensations that predispose us to boredom.


We make an effort to innovate and observe the most sensational sunsets.


We have enjoyed and loved harmony for many years.


We want to enliven the sleepy atmosphere of the concert hall.


The boredom of familiarity anticipates the boredom of what is to follow.


We relish in two or three varieties of genuine boredom.


In wait of the sensation that never comes.


We concoct repugnant mixtures.


Drunk with repeating for the nth time secondhand molly.


We can no longer restrain our desires to create a new reality.


With a generous distribution of resonant slaps to our face.


It is no good to object.


It seems pointless to enumerate grace and delicacies that afford pleasant sensations but

             regulate variety.


Every manifestation of us was accompanied, manifestations familiar that conjured life

             itself alien to life.


We were always things unto ourselves, occasional but unnecessary elements.


We were overfamiliar.


We reached out in confused and irregular ways, never entirely revealing ourselves,

             keeping innumerable surprises in reserve.


It was characteristic of us to recall life, but we needn’t limit ourselves to imitative



We will achieve the most emotive power in enjoyment in its own right.


We must continually enrich the field.


Liberated from the shallow and traditional, like a can of Campbell’s seeping in a pot, we

             must find the means of renewal and extension.


Only then will we offer the possibility of changes and the possibility of insane sunsets.


We invite sustained observations of us in order to encourage understanding of the

             variations of which we are made.


These observations will result in not only understanding, but also a taste and passion.


We have no works to defend.


We use love and determination to renew everything.


We accept these awards for our brothers and sisters and our sothers and bristers.


Who are without arms and voice, for they are privileged.


By and by…by and by…


The sun sets on us, revealing our dirty parts.


And, unconcerned by our apparent incompetence, convinced that all rights and

             possibilities open up to daring, we have been able to initiate our great renewal.




The person or thing addressed up to this or that time (a woman) not carry’d off by force, a woman about to be married to freedom from noise!

            The person or thing addressed, a child, raised by someone who is not its natural or adoptive parent, of absence of any sound or noise also, at the same time, moving or proceeding with little or less than usual speed, finite duration,

Authority on history inhabiting the woods, what person canst in the following manner put (thought) into words

A rhetorically ornate or precious narrative that relates some real or imaginary event’s details in greater degree, in a sweeter manner, than our verse having correspondence in lines’ terminal sounds:

What decorative border of one of the expanded, usually green organs borne by the stem of a plant usually hanging loosely from a raveled edge or separate strip of a nonhistorical or unverifiable story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical being often with (not far off) thou seen in outline, as in silhouette

            Of gods or goddesses or human beings, or of the one as well as the other,

                        In the valley in E Greece, in Thessaly, between Mounts Olympus and Ossa or the valleys, especially broad valleys of the mountainous region of ancient Greece, traditionally known for the contented pastoral innocence of its people?

            What adult male persons, as distinguished from boys or women, or supreme beings according to some particular conception, are these? What girls or young unmarried women reluctant?

What deranged effort to attain? What task requiring much effort to accomplish the avoidance of capture, punishment, or any threatened evil?

            What musical wind instruments consisting of a single tube of straw, reed, wood, or other material, as flutes, clarinets, or oboes also, at the same time tambourines or similar instruments? What overpowering emotion of intensity?



Musical sounds in agreeable arrangement perceived by the ear are pleasing to the ear on the contrary, those not perceived by the ear

Are more pleasurable to the ear as a result. Ye gentle and melodious musical wind instruments consisting of a single tube of straw, reed, wood, or other material, as flutes, clarinets, or oboes sustain (a part) in real life onward, as in a process;

Not to the irreligious organ of hearing and equilibrium in vertebrates, in humans consisting of an external ear that gathers sound vibrations, a middle ear in which the vibrations resonate against the tympanic membrane, and a fluid-filled internal ear that maintains balance and that conducts the tympanic vibrations to the auditory nerve, which transmits them as impulses to the brain on the contrary belov’d in greater degree,

A musical wind instrument consisting of a single tube of straw, reed, wood, or other material, as a flute, clarinet, or oboe to the spiritualist bodies, short simple songs of no character of sound:

Promising early life, below the plants with permanently woody main trunks, which ordinarily grow to considerable heights and usually develop branches at some distance from the ground, the person or thing addressed canst not be allowed to remain in the same place, condition, etc.

            Thy things that aren’t sung nor ever plants’ permanently woody main trunks, which ordinarily grow to considerable heights and usually develop branches at some distance from the ground be nude;

                        Forward person who has a sexual relationship with another at no time not at all canst press with your lips slightly pursed, and then part them and emit an often smacking sound, in an expression of affectionate greeting reverence, etc.,

Although succeeding, by closely striving with respect to combinations of connections, similarities, and intimacies, the end –– in the time still remaining do not exert great sorrow;

                        She cannot die gradually, although the person or thing addressed hast not thy supreme happiness,

            For continuously wilt the person or thing addressed have a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person and she remain as before, free from bias legitimately sought, pursued, done, given.



Ah, enjoying, showing feelings of pleasure of a tree’s main branches! unable to do otherwise than slough off as part of the normal processes of life

            Your lateral outgrowths from plant stems are flattened/expanded variably shaped greenish organs constituting a unit of the foliage primarily in food manufacture by photosynthesis at any time, giving expression to the reckoned astronomical extension from the March equinox to the June solstice farewell;

And, enjoying the singer, not tired or jaded,

            For at any time shrill short pieces of music with words that are sung at any time recently created

Extra dazed irresponsible state, feeling of constant affection for a person! extra dazed irresponsible state, characterized by a dazed irresponsible state, feeling, or strong or constant affection for a person!

            For at any time comfortably established and not moving to be experience’d (something good),

                        For at any time putting paint on a canvas board and for at any time recently started;

Every member moving air into and out of lungs of people feeling strong excitement about doing something at a great distance of space in a higher place,

            That remains as an aftereffect, a heart thought of as the place where emotions advance toward the acme full of sorrow and surfeit’d with an excess of something originally pleasing,

                        A very hot part of the face above the eyes and a scorching, soft movable part in the mouth that is used for tasting and eating food and in human beings for speaking.



Who are these moving toward something, to the act of killing an animal in a religious ceremony as an offering to please a god?

            To what raised place covered by grass on which sacrifices and gifts are offered in some religions, O difficult to understand authorization to perform the sacred rites of a religion between humans and God,

Direct’st in a young direction the virgin female cow mooing at the space over the Earth where the sun, moon, stars, and clouds appear.

            And the sum of her smooth, soft, and shiny areas on her side between her ribs and hips with ropes that are made of material used for decoration prepared for service.

What place where people live that is larger than a village but smaller than a city having few members by the large flow of water that crosses an area of land and goes into an ocean, a lake, or by land adjacent to the sea,

            Or an area of land that rises very high above the land around it and that is higher than a hill made a specific way with a strong effect on some fortress that commands a city,

                        Is it not occupied of its people in general, this deeply religious dawn?

And, place…, thy roads that have houses or other buildings on one or both sides in the future

            Will not make any sound; and no person will give information (to someone) by speaking

                        Why the person or thing addressed art lacking the amenities that make people feel welcome in a place, can e’er go to a place again.



O form of Room just below the building roof that is often used to store things! Not too critical way of thinking that affects a person’s behavior! with embroidery

            Of a kind of stone that is often polished and used in buildings and statues adult male human beings and young women who are not married extremely excite,

With thick growth of trees and bushes that cover a large area the parts of a tree that grow out from the trunk and the walked-on plant that is not valued where it is grown and is usually of vigorous growth that tends to overgrow or choke out more desirable plants;

            The person or thing addressed, tending not to talk much shape of something, dost laugh at and criticize (us) in a way that is either friendly and playful or cruel and unkind out of something that you think

As doth time without an end; Countryside with a very low Temperature!

            When having lived for many years the amount of time during which a person has lived, this group of people born and living during the same time will lose something valuable because too much of it is being used, because it is being used in a way that is not necessary or effective,

                        The person or thing addressed shalt stay with that same group, in the period of time when something additional is happening to the person who has already been mentioned in grief more

            Than ours, a person who is enjoyable to be with and liked by the human race, to whom the person or thing addressed say’st,

‘Aggregate of qualities in a person gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the spirit are the real facts about something, the real facts about something the aggregate of qualities in a person or thing gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit, –– that is the extent of what

            Ye need to have (information of some kind) in your mind on the planet on which we live, and the extent of what ye need to have (information of some kind) in your mind.’


Jerimee Bloemeke was born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. His chapbooks include Cosmic Latte (Floating Wolf Quarterly, 2013) and 25¢ CASH (Slim Princess Holdings, 2013). His poems can be found in The Iowa Review, jubilat, LIT, and elsewhere.